worth fighting for.

I know when I write this I’m opening myself up for criticism, but please do not feel compelled to write and tell me how awful we are. We let Lula, our golden doodle, eat people food. There I said it, and I owned it. I know, I know. It’s a terrible thing to do, but she’s just so stinking cute that I can’t help it. Even Brad, who was the strict disciplinarian in our home, can’t usually resist.

And truth be told, it was all fine and good until last Saturday. Brad and I had the whole day to ourselves, so we decided to begin the day with our fave breakfasts: Shipley’s for me; Chick-Fil-A for him. Again, don’t judge. Of course, Lula goes with us most anytime we go somewhere, so she’s in the middle in the front seat of Brad’s truck. We make the Shipley’s stop first. Two hot, unbelievably delicious glazed donuts for me.

We are not even out of the drive-thru, and my little hand is in that bag. I am not even waiting for Brad to get his. We’re in route. He’ll get it. I scarf that first donut down in just a few bites, and I’m already well into donut #2. I’m licking my fingers, and Lula is looking at me like I’m the meanest person in the world. I love my dog, but seriously, we’re talking hot Shipley’s here. There’s no contest.

So we’re a block from Chick-Fil-A, stopped at a light, and I have one. bite. left. Then my phone dings, and for just two seconds, I take my eyes off the donut and put them on the phone. That is all Lula needed. She snatched that last bite of donut out of my hand so quick. But y’all, I may be knocking on 50, but we’re talking donuts here. Hot donuts. I snatched that donut back and looked at it longingly. I wasn’t seriously thinking about eating it. I was really just mourning over it. But I guess Brad got a little worried because he quickly piped up and said, “Just remember, she licks herself.”

Well we all got a laugh out of that, and I tossed the remaining bite back in the bag. And with my stomach still badly wanting that last bite of donut, I started thinking. Lula was willing to go for it. She knew she’d be in trouble, but she thought that last bite was worth fighting for. And I immediately thought of my #justoneword. Warrior. I’m convinced that’s why God gave me the word for this year. He wanted to remind me that I’m going to have to decide what’s worth fighting for… and more importantly who’s worth fighting for.

Do you want to have quiet time each day with God? Is it worth fighting for?
Do you want a stronger relationship with your spouse? Is it worth fighting for?
Are you frustrated by the misuse and abuse of God’s Word in our world? Is it worth fighting for?
Do you want more time to be involved in God’s work? Is it worth fighting for?
Do you want your children to be strong believers in Christ? Is it worth fighting for?
Do you ache for the poor and marginalized in our world? Is it worth fighting for?
Do you have family members who don’t know Christ? Is it worth fighting for?

I realized that claiming the word WARRIOR was like asking God to send me into battle, but the Truth is this:

“You will not need to fight in this battle. Stand firm, hold your position,
and see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf…” 2 Chronicles 20:17 ESV

The battle is God’s, but by claiming to be a warrior, I’m telling Him I’m willing to stand firm and hold my position. He is worth fighting for. My family is worth fighting for. His people are worth fighting for. His Truth is worth fighting for.

What’s worth fighting for in your life? What do you need to stand firm on? Where do you need to hold your position? Where do you need to trust God to fight for you?

Warrior on!

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