Tula Tuesday.

It was Tuesday, January 19. I had just returned from my trip to Alaska where I had met Tula, a precious lady I instantly loved because of her sassy disposition and her unusual name. She was quick to tell me that Tula was Greek, as in Toula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I told Tula that I loved the movie, loved the name, and loved her!

Exhausted from the long trip back home, I crashed into bed that Tuesday night and slept like a baby. The following day I was talking with Rachel, a sweet friend who can seriously hook you up with lash extensions if you ever need or want them. It was in the process of chatting with Rachel about my kids and the potential for the grandchildren I so desperately want that my memory from the prior night’s dream was triggered. “Oh, sweet mercy, ” I told her. “I dreamed last night what my grandmother name is!” I told her it was Tula. And that is was Greek. And that I’d met a sassy lady in Alaska with that name. And about My Big Fat Greek Wedding. And then I remembered that I knew some Greek from my brief stint in seminary, but I had no clue what Tula meant. Rachel said, “Well, you better find out before you decide you want that to be your grandmother name.”

So I googled it.

Greek: Gracious gift.

And I knew it was meant to be.

Could there be a more precious gift than a grand baby?

I think not.

Tula was perfect. { And it does not hurt one little bit that one day I hope to have a golden doodle named Lula. Tula and Lula. Yes, it more than worked. }

So what to do but wait.



But then finally the day game.

Another Tula Tuesday.


When I get to tell the whole world.

I’m gonna be a Tula.

For real.

Logan and Sarah are expecting HIM on December 4. And no, that will not be a Tuesday, but I do not care. Every day is going to be Tula day from this point forward.

Gracious gift, indeed. There are no words big enough. Thank you, God.

{ And for the record, Brad will be Pops. We’d contemplated Grumpy for years, but we like Pops better! }

{ And vacay officially ends today. When this hits your inbox, we’ll be 30,000 feet in the air somewhere between Portand and Dallas. Next week I’ll be back to all things domestic and creative which means I’ll have a recipe and something crafty up my sleeve… I’ll share both with you! }

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