Cardinals and Coach Taylor

So… I’m trying this new morning routine. I’m calling it Sacred Space. So far I have stunk at it. #truth

The plan was this. One hour to exercise. One hour with God. One hour to write.

Yesterday I failed. I got in my hour with God, but only 45 minutes of exercise and no writing time. There was this thing called a “90-second video” that I needed to create that ended up taking almost five hours.

I woke early this morning with fresh conviction. Go forth! Conquer the day! Honor the Sacred Space!

And then I looked outside. Still no Sun. Have I mentioned I hate cold weather?! If the thermometer reads less than 75 degrees, I’m freezing. And while I’m shivering in my chicken skin, I’m thinking about how high the electric bill is going to be because I keep turning the heater up.

I quickly talked myself out of exercise as my treadmill is in the garage. I would certainly risk hypothermia and pneumonia if I even attempted it.

So, I sat down with my Bible, but honestly… all I could do was be distracted by the bleak cold outside. Why does it have to be so cold? Where is the sun? I live in Texas for a reason. I couldn’t even manage to read two verses and keep them in my brain.

And then I noticed all the cardinals in my yard… at least 10 of them! They didn’t seem the least bit concerned about the cold, so I made a flash decision.

Be a cardinal.

Ok. Now you’re laughing, and that’s ok, but it’s still exactly what I did. I put on my bright red ski jacket (over three other layers!) and my bright red snow boots and took myself right outside. Dress like a cardinal. Think like a cardinal. Be a cardinal.


I decided I was going to walk the perimeter of our little 65 acres and see what I could see.
I couldn’t resist taking my camera along so you could see, too.


 Sanctuary Oaks looks bleak (and out of focus. Pardon the photographer. She had really cold hands.)
Happy pansies and kale in the window boxes are all covered up to protect from the frost and ice.


Despite feet that were already cold even though I was less than 100 steps from the house,
I headed out the gate. I love that the only other footprints were my 4-legged friends.


And then I glanced up to see that I had company. They were checking me out.
I guess cardinals aren’t very camouflaged.


And off they went… not high quality photos because I had the wrong lens on…
but I love the way that first one is prancing.
I decided to play deer for a minute and prance in all my cardinal red glory!
That sent all of them running!


By now, a grin had made it’s way to my face. A fresh perspective.
I am incredibly blessed… in ways too many to count.


I snapped many more pictures as I finished my trek and
headed back to the house.  And I thought of Coach Taylor.
Come on. You know. Friday Night Lights Coach Taylor.
Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.
#yeah #that #truth

Helen Keller once said, “Keep your face to the Sun, and you will never see the shadows.”
By I say, “Keep your face to the Son, and you will never see the shadows.”

Reminds me of a song I love by Scott Wesley Brown…

Keep the Son in your eyes,
Keep His light shining through.
Keep your eyes on Jesus,
And He’ll keep His eyes on you.

Keep shining for Him!
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