Teaching Dale Carnegie a Thing or Two

I have some new friends. They came up to my front gate this morning. Yep! Right on the sidewalk. They were certainly curious enough about who I was, but they were not patient enough for me to get some good pictures.

I also made some new friends this weekend! 48 amazing women from Crossroad Fellowship Church. We spent the weekend in Round Top, Texas, and I cannot tell you what joy they brought to me. God-time and girlfriend fun at it’s best! Thank you, girls, for welcoming me and living out the greatest commandment!

These women reminded me how simple it is to make new friends:

1. Be real.
2. Be open.
3. Be His!

Dale Carnegie might of written a best selling book on how to win friends and influence people, but he doesn’t have a thing on these girls! They know the true secret! They win friends and influence people with the love of God!

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