Stink Update

Just wanted you all to know that Duchess redeemed herself today. Although the scent of skunk still lingers slightly in our house, Duchess is doing her absolute best to remedy that problem. See for yourself.

(Note: Yes, I know the iPhone camera picture quality is completely lousy so my precious pup has alien eyes. She’s much more adorable in real life. Promise. The picture simply does not do her justice. I frequently feel that way about pictures of myself, but that’s a whole other story.)
Anyway, back to the picture.
Notice all the purple dots? No, that is not a rash resulting from the skunk spray. That would be blooms from my leadwort (think blue here) plumbago. I could just say blue plumbago, but then that doesn’t sound near as sophisticated as leadwort, and since you’re already thinking I’m a lousy photographer, I at least want you to think I have a sophisticated plant vocabulary.
Duchess is now the flower dog. She is available for a very affordable price if any of you are looking for a cute alternative to a flower girl for an upcoming wedding. I am certain she will head straight up the aisle and not deviate and certainly not cry, as young children are apt to do, especially if you have her favorite doggie treat in your pocket. Feel free to add “shrewd business woman” to the adjective sophisticated when you’re describing me. Might as well toss “humble” in there, too.
Anyway, despite her cuteness, I’m sad to say that the leadwort plumbago blooms actually did nothing to help alleviate the stink, but they did get me to thinking . . .
James 4:8 NLT tells us, “Come close to God, and he will come close to you.”
When I’m wanting to get the “stink” off, I only have to do what Duchess did. I just need to wallow in God’s grace. It will always be sufficient to cover my stink.

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