slow down, people breathing

Well, people. It was another BEARY good day! Oh my mercy!

We began the day with a two-hour trail ride to McDonald Falls. The ride through the tall trees was a welcome relief to our tired feet. Unfortunately we don’t have a single picture to show for our tired bottoms because they had a strict No Texting While Riding rule. Suffice it to say, the combination dusty and horsey smell was proof we spent a good while on horseback.

We’re ones to be off the beaten path, and Brad is a lover of all things maps, so it was time for ADVENTURE! Brad had spotted a place on the map called Polebridge, and Melissa (the adorable waitress in the cafe) assured him that it was definitely worth the 19 miles of rough roads because not only was the “town” picturesque, but they had a bakery. Enough. Said.

So we headed out to Polebridge without another car in sight. I remarked to Brad that I was certain we would see a bear. Within minutes, we did. This little fella crossed the road right in front of us and began making his way back in to the trees. Cute does not even come close. He never paid us one bit of attention. He was a wanderer… and a wonderer… and he started me thinking…




… and while my thoughts took a million turns in my head… we quickly found ourselves at the intersection of the road to Polebridge and this old sign. Columbia Falls is where we have been “living” all week… just a few miles from Canada.


As we turned down the road to the “town” of Polebridge, we were immediately greeted by THE SIGN.


And then “the town”… yep. It was a one-stop shop, and I could’ve stayed forever.



Not only did they have the Mercantile/Bakery, but they have a lending library…



and a Post Office…


and mailboxes that look like this…

I’m pretty sure Wonder is not their last name. It’s their soul. It’s really mine, too, but I’ve let commitments and a busy schedule cloud my vision and distract my soul.

I’m spent this trip doing exactly what the sign said… slowing down and breathing… and wondering how to get back to conscious living.

More on that … very soon…





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