Mirror Talk


Read the title again.

Do not be confused, lest nasty rumors get started about this blog.

Today’s post is about Mirror Talk, not Pillow Talk. Two entirely different subjects.

If you google pillow talk, you’ll get a Wikipedia definition that is best left for websites like Wikipedia and not like Sanctuary Oaks. Need I say more?! Of course, you’ll also be reminded of Rock Hudson and Doris Day’s first romantic comedy in 1959 by that same name.

Mirror talk involves no pillows. Well, actually it involves no mirrors either, but it sounds so much better than “talking to yourself,” which might get y’all to thinking I’ve been recently diagnosed with something that is simply not true. Ok. I typed that sentence, and then I read it out loud, and busted out laughing. Who am I trying to kid?! Y’all already know I’m crazy!

Moving on…

Mirror talk. I do it often. Without a mirror. I reflect (no pun intended) on what I’ve said or shared … or heaven forbid… taught or “preached”…  to someone else, and I realize the sermon should have been preached to the mirror. 

Hmmmm… that would be to me. 

Is anybody following me here?

So let me tell you about my mirrror talk this morning… It was same song, second verse of the Bible study lesson I taught last night, except this morning I preached it to myself…

Last night I taught a Bible study lesson about how our obedience to God is a result of or response to our gratitude… how when we recognize and appreciate all God has done for us, it’s easy to walk in obedience to Him. Numerous places in the Bible tell us to “Remember… and keep it holy,” or “Remember… and be holy.” (Exodus 20:8, Leviticus 11:45, 1 Peter 1:15-16)

Remember…  Remember that every breath I breathe is a gift. Remember that the husband and children I love are gifts. Remember that the promise of an eternity in heaven is a gift. Remember that the roof over my head and the food on my table are gifts. Every thing I am. Everything that I have. It’s all a gift. I don’t deserve it. I haven’t earned it.

Holy… Set apart. Different. Not like the rest of the world. Sacred. Belonging to God.

Remember… and be holy.

As i replayed that lesson in the mirror this morning, I asked myself these questions:

Am I diferent?  Can others see that and know? Do my actions speak louder than my words?

Have I set apart my life for God? My will for His?

Mirror talk.

Who am I reflecting?

“…be holy because I am holy.”” Leviticus 11:45

Just like the moon, if I’m not reflecting the Son, my life won’t shine at all. 

Be the light!

2 thoughts on “Mirror Talk”

  1. I see in your actions God’s work all the time. You helped me begin my journey back to faith when you reached out to a student and was willing to take my hand and lead. You helped me at a crutial time in my life while all the while dealing with major life changes and difficulties all your own. You continue to inspire me even when I don’t hardly see you. You are a presence and reminder of strength in my mind and heart. I pray often and it always begins with my gratitude of all the blessings I feel surround my life and you are one of them. So when you are mirror talking please know that you make a huge difference in the lives of others and I’ve never known someone to be more of a humble servant of our Lord than you. Love you.

    1. Precious, friend! You are such an amazing blessing in my life! Thank you for your kind words and your sweet spirit! It’s pure joy to journey with you! Love you much!

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