love at first lick.



Don’t be disappointed. This story is not about ice cream, but some of y’all might remember this picture. These are the female puppies from the litter my doodle Lula was born in. I got first pick of the litter, and I had y’all vote before I went to pick her up. #4 was the one I originally had my eye on, and #4 was the clear favorite when y’all voted.

However, Lula was not #4.

Here’s how the whole thing went down. Brad and I made the trip to Lonestar Doodles. After waiting over a year and a half to get my puppy, excited doesn’t come close to describing how I felt. Downright giddy was more like it. We arrived, and we’re immediately taken to the play pen where these seven adorable puppies in their colored bandanas were waiting. I immediately saw purple and knew she was #4, but I did not pick her up. I waited for several minutes, just watching the puppies play, and then I knew. I picked up #6, the one in the navy bandana. I held her up closely to look at her, and she immediately licked my face. Love at first lick.

Brad didn’t lick me on the face when we first met, but I claimed he was love at first sight, too. I told my Granny the very first day I met Brad that I was going to marry him. Not even kidding. I’m not sure if that’s saying something about Brad’s good looks or my ability to be easily won over. Either way, as we approach our 30th anniversary, of this I am convinced.

You don’t fall in love; you become love.

This is true whether it’s with your spouse or with your neighbor or with a stranger on the street.

That’s because becoming love is not a feeling or emotion.

Becoming love is choice and action… if when you don’t feel it.

Becoming love means becoming more like Christ.

Becoming love is what ensures strong marriages and saves struggling ones.

Becoming love is also what opens doors, breaks down walls, heals wounds, builds bridges, and creates community.

Jesus came to earth to become love for us. { John 15:12-13 }

Who can you become love to today?

know Him and make Him known,

“No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another,
God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” ~ 1 John 4:12
“… let’s not merely say that we love each other;


2 thoughts on “love at first lick.”

  1. So true Trae. Dallas & I were married 45 years- The love grew as our walk with Jesus deepened! He died in my arms 10 years ago. Now he celebrates Jesus forever! Love lives on♥️

    1. A beautiful testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness! You continue to inspire and spur me on in so many ways, precious friendN love you!

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