Hands-On Faith

See if this describes your house in any way:

  • Do you have flower beds with weeds just waiting to be pulled?
  • Does your refrigerator have any science experiments growing or at least a jar of something out of date?
  • Is there a closet in your house that you are afraid to open because the contents might explode out at you?
  • Was the last time you had time to wipe out the shelves in your kitchen cabinets when you moved into your house?
  • Do you have shrubs or trees with ugly limbs that need pruning or replacing after last year’s drought?
Unless your super woman or fabulously wealthy, chances are you were able to answer at least one of those questions yes. And, I think it’s probably highly likely that you were able to answer more than one yes. Congratulations! You’re as normal as the rest of us!
For every girlfriend I know, the “to do” list never becomes a “ta da!” list because something is always added to it, and there never is enough time. That’s what makes these pictures extraordinary. Take a look!
Rachel and Erin tackle kitchen cabinets.

Maudie and Brenda armed with cleaning supplies.

Tama and Connie working hard! 
Laura Jean smiles while she washes dishes.

Daneya checks the dates on stuff in the fridge. 
Amy cleans efrigerator shelves.

Stephanie and Katie unload the cluttered closets.

Rochelle leads the hazmat crew and provides entertainment!

Laura sorts through the clutter.

Amanda and Cathy remove outdated books from our sanctuary. 

Elisa tackles the leaves.

Petra pulls the stubborn weeds.

Julie helps with the raking.

Cindye and Angie clean out a flowerbed.

Sam uses a rake to pull out dying vines.

What’s remarkable about these pictures is that even though these very busy women could answer yes to many of the questions I asked above, they still answered YES! to the call to serve. And, I mean YES! Look at the beautiful smiles on their faces. They are not at their own houses, hard at work on chores they know need to be done. They are serving at our church, giving of their time, energy, talents, and enthusiasm. Hands-on faith! Faith that isn’t just about believing God, but rather faith that is about serving God and serving others. Faith that speaks boldly… God and others come first!
These women are living out James 2:22 (with my paraphrase):
You see that their faith and their actions are working together,
and their faith will be made complete by what they do.
Now you know one of the reasons why this blog is called Wildly Blessed. I have the honor and privilege of serving alongside this amazing group of girlfriends on our faith journey. 
They inspire me. They motivate me. They bless me. I praise God for them!

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