Doctor’s Prescription: Younger Next Year

Well, here’s the happy news at the Kendrick house. Brad got a perfect bill of health at his checkup this past week. I have been doing the happy dance and praising God ever since our family doctor called with the blood test results. Now you’re probably thinking… has Brad been sick? No, of course not. He’s just absolutely the most stubborn man on the face of the earth when it comes to going to the doctor. He won’t go. Period. Ok, not period, but he won’t go without some MAJOR threatening or some good bribing. I’ve been known to do both when necessary.
The last time Brad went to the doctor was almost four years ago when he turned 50. I tried the begging, pleading, nagging act for several weeks to get him to go. No luck. When he dug his heels in, I just got irritated, so I bypassed the bribing and went straight to threatening. It worked. He went. Colonoscopy and all. Afterwards he swore he was never going again. I believed him.
But, as things would have it, a good friend of ours about Brad’s age was recently diagnosed with prostrate cancer. It was a complete shock to us because he truly looks like the picture of health. When something like that happens, it tends to get your attention. I think it got Brad’s, and he decided he might need a check-up. He didn’t even tell me he was going to the doctor. I’m convinced he never would have, but since the blood work required fasting, he had no choice but to spill the beans and tell me he was going.
Now, here’s the funny part… the really funny part. Our doctor, Dr. Jensen, is a family friend. He delivered both boys (well, not quite since Cameron came into the world extremely fast, but we still give Dr. J credit because I don’t remember the actual doctor who did, but all that’s a story for another time). Anyway, we love Dr. J. He’s down-to-earth and shoots it straight. And, most importantly, he knows his stuff.
So, Brad goes in for his check-up, and he asks Randy about what vitamins he should be taking at this stage in his life. Ok. This cracks me up. Mostly because I typically associate my stage in life with my hair color and fashion favorites at the time, not my age or my health. But Brad is way more health-conscious than I will EVER be, so it didn’t surprise me in the least that he inquired about vitamins. So, Dr. J replies by quickly scribbling a prescription and handing it to Brad. The prescription has three words: Younger Next Year.
No, it’s not a medicine or a vitamin. It’s a book by Chris Crowley. Dr. Jensen highly recommended it, and you’ve got to admit… the title is catchy. I googled it and got over 19.5 million results. Seems the book is fairly popular. Although I haven’t read it, I’m guessing it appeals to our quick-fix solution mentality. Give me five quick tips or seven simple steps, and I’m on my way to a new, improved, and younger me. I’ve fallen for it more than once, and I bet you have, too.
Anyway, all this got me to thinking. Not about Chris Crowley’s book or about being younger in 2012, but about the prescription God writes for us… His Holy Word.
Whatever stage in life you’re in, it’s a must read. If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend Psalm 119. Yes, it’s the longest chapter in the entire Bible. 176 verses. It’s also an acrostic psalm with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Pretty cool stuff. But far more importantly, Psalm 119 teaches us what the Word of God is and what it does for us and to us. I think verse 5 sums it up well:
“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”
Whatever answer I need, whatever solution I’m seeking, whatever help I crave, whatever wisdom I desire, I can find it in God’s Word. You can, too. Taken daily, God’s prescription is guaranteed.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Younger Next Year since 2007.

    I summarized how I stacked up against Harry’s 7 simple rules back then.

    I’ve done pretty well sticking with YNY over the years, but I slipped a bit in the last year in the duration and intensity of my workouts. I just started a 21 day fitness challenge to work on that, but I’m doing well on “connect & commit” I started in the fall raising funds with a group of youth high school students for a mission trip I’ll be taking with them in April to work with handicapped children in Jamaica. Best wishes on your YNY adventure.

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