Day Three: He is the One We Proclaim

At 7:36am Romania time, which is 11:36 pm Texas time, I received a text from Logan.Here’s what it said:

“Colossians 1:28-29. Tell the group its His energy that’ll work through y’all to keep everybody admonishing and proclaiming His name. Love you.”

Could anyone ask for better words to begin Day Three of a mission trip? Could anything give a mom more joy than having her son preach God’s Word to her. Sweet mercy! I began the day with a full heart, and God just kept pouring in.

With both a poignant and powerful reminder, we all set off to do just that. Proclaim His Great Name!

Laura and I began the day back in Stupini. Cha Cha had originally told us to expect 6 women max. The first day we had 9, including Nina, the non-Christian. Cha Cha was shocked. When we went back today, we had 17… plus three children. Laura and I just continued to grin at one another. Hearts so full. Together with those beautiful women, we proclaimed how great God is. We discussed His faithfulness to us and the abundant living He has given us. The women had a blast unwrapping God’s greatest gift to us both in Scripture and with a fun game. You should’ve seen their precious faces as they literally unwrapped a present. So much fun! 

Maria, the “baby” in our group in Stupini. Unwrapping the gift of God’s love and Proclaiming His Great Name!


When we got ready to close, the young mother who had come with her three children told me that the children would like to sing a song to everyone. As their three sweet young voices lifted praise to God, I thought of Colossians 1:27-28 again. Proclaim His Great Name! As I watched the women leave, I thought my heart my burst from God’s goodness. 

Our Little Singers Proclaiming His Great Name

But. God. Had. More. Nina stayed behind after everyone had left, and she asked me to pray for her. She shared that her husband is Romanian Orthodox, and he does not want her to become a Christian. She shared that she believed in God and His goodness, and that she loved His Word. She asked me to pray for her and her family. Sometimes there are just no words, and the Holy Spirit takes over. God does what He does best through our simple acts of obedience. I ask you all once again to pray for Nina. Pray that God would pursue her relentlessly, and she would surrender to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

Proclaiming His Great Name to Nina

While Laura and I were in Stupini, Jeff led the final day of the pastors’ conference. And I think it is not mere coincidence that Jeff has taught on Colossians the past three days. Today he preached five sermons to the pastors, and he walked them through sermon preparation.Jeff’s work with the pastors was invaluable as almost all of them have no formal seminary training. They are just men who want to Proclaim His Great Name, and with Jeff’s help, they are now better equipped.

Marvin, Katie, Kelly, and KeLe headed to Sinmihai for food distribution. They delivered food and God’s love to eleven families. On their second to last stop, they met Cornelia, a precious elderly woman. As they entered Cornelia’s house, Katie noticed her Bible open on the table. The pages were greatly worn, and many sections of Scripture were underlined. Katie asked Cornelia what she was studying. Get ready for this. Yep, you guessed it. Colossians. She shared that Colossians 2:8-15 is one of her favorites. Although the group came to share Christ with her, Cornelia shared with them, and she Proclaimed His Great Name!

Laura and I met back up with the group, and we traveled to Almasu for children’s ministry. The Romania 6 team had been with these children in 2012, and there were many familiar faces… including this little guy who once again stole my heart. Meet Sammie. He is packed in my suitcase and coming home with me.

My prayer is that one day Sammie will Proclaim His Great Name!

Marvin taught the Bible story, while KeLe led with crafts. Laura and Kelly frantically assembled 53 agape meals, and Katie and I were an extra pair of hands wherever needed. We worked together as a team to Proclaim His Great Name to these children who have so very little.

They loved the crafts!


They loved coloring!

And they loved the blindfold game!

We ask for your prayers for Rodu and Rodi, the young couple serving as children’s ministers in this deeply impoverished gypsy community. They are serving out of God’s love, and their desire to Proclaim His Great Name!

Katie, Kelly, and KeLe stayed in Almasu to host the first ever ladies’ meeting at church. Cha Cha told them to expect five women. They had 17! 17!! And despite difficulties with translation, they were still able to Proclaim His Great Name! We ask for your prayers for the birth of this new ladies’ ministry. May God continue to overwhelm this community with His powerful presence and saving love!

Laura and I returned to Simpetru and were once again greeted by the women we so love. Another full house, plus a man. Yes, you read correctly. A mentally disabled man from the village wandered in, and you have never seen a more gracious group. They welcomed him as if he belonged. Indeed he did. We had an amazing time in God’s Word, and Laura tied the lesson together beautifully with her powerful testimony. And, of course, we unwrapped presents. You should’ve heard the noise! Those women laughed until they had tears! Laura, Dena (Cha Cha’s daughter who interpreted for us) and I couldn’t quit laughing either. Who knew passing presents and unwrapping them could be so hard?! But, I can tell you what they did not have a hard time with. Each time the gift was unwrapped, the person unwrapping the gift had to share about one of the gifts God has given them. These women had absolutely no difficulty Proclaiming His Great Name and giving Him all the glory. We wrapped up with a group picture, and we almost all didn’t fit. Praise God for this group!

Simpetru… Proclaiming His Great Name!

And Jeff wrapped up his day by leading a revival in Simleu. WIth about 50 present, Jeff Proclaimed His Great Name.

Father God, our hearts are full, and we give you all the glory. Thank you for letting us be part of Your kingdom work here on this earth.

“He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ. To this end I strenuously content with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.”

Amen. Let it be, Lord Jesus.

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