Everyone Still Smiling

We left Crawford, Texas at 12:15 pm Monday and arrived in Cluj-Napoca, Romania at 6:25 pm. If my math is correct (and that is circumspect given that it is the middle of the night here and I am sleep-deprived but not sleepy), that is 22 hours and. 10 minutes of traveling. Ok, before someone thinks I can’t subtract, remember there is an 8-hour time difference. When it is 6:25 pm in Romania, that’s like 10:25 am in Texas.

Okay, I have no idea what order these photos are going to load in since I’m doing this from my iPad, so I’m asking for grace in advance if it looks all crazy. Hopefully you can figure out who is who.

We were all smiles when we left DFW. And, I was secretly thinking of sneaking Miss Abigail on the plane with me, but her momma had other ideas.

Jeff and Laura were definitely doing well.

Doyle thankful that we’re at the hotel.

KeLe and Laura happy that we each have our own twin bed.

Doyle had food on the flight to Cluj, so he was happy. (Sorry for the glare from the window. Airplane shots are not easy.)

On the plane from Heathrow, Marvin was still grinning… kind of!

KeLe, Laura, and I crammed in the tiniest elevator at the hotel.

ChaCha and Eugene from Marantha Mission

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