Dangerous prayers will change your life. Don’t ever ask God to use you if you aren’t really serious.

After finally relenting and saying yes to God’s call to ministry, I knew just one thing. I was supposed to serve women. But what women? Well, after a random drive down Highway 36 in Gatesville and almost three years of prayer, God opened the door – or should I say, the gate – to serve the women He had in mind for me… the women in white.

One trip to the Hilltop Unit, and I knew my life would be forever changed. I also knew I needed help! There wasn’t enough of me to love on all the women there, so once again I prayed. And once again, God answered. I went the following Wednesday night to our Wildly Blessed Women group, and I told them I needed 24 volunteers to partner with the 24 women in the Faith-Based Dorm. I left church that night with 24 volunteers. Only God.

Our lives are amazing stories, not because we’re the main character, but because our amazing God is. And, our stories are worth sharing. StorySisters pairs women on the outside of the fences with women in the faith-based dorm inside the fences. Each StorySister shares the story of her redemptive life with a matched StorySister inmate by praying for her daily, corresponding with her on a regular basis, providing her Bible study materials, and participating with her in Bible study. Currently we have 24 StorySisters who are witnessing the transformational power of Christ – both in their own lives and in the lives of the women in white.

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