seven year old secrets.

I want you to meet Emma. She’s seven years old, and she knows All. The. Secrets. She taught them to me tonight, and they are too good not to share with you. 1. Plan a date night with someone you love. 2. Be excited All. Day. Long. Be so excited you can’t concentrate. 3. Buy the necklace at Target. It might be $9 of your allowance, but it’s worth it. 4. Put on a pretty dress and { read more… }

the secret to being brave.

I am still alive. I know I haven’t written in weeks. I could make up some story about how busy I’ve been… or I could tell you the truth and just say this: I do not have this faith thing all figured out. Sometimes I fall flat on my face. Just because I’ve been ordained and chosen ministry as my full-time passion and purpose doesn’t mean life doesn’t knock me down sometimes. It doesn’t mean { read more… }

two lesson Lula.

Well, Lula started obedience lessons yesterday. While she’s super smart and utterly adorable, she needed to learn how not to jump up on people. Not everyone is as smitten with her as I am. The UPS man might be proof. I’ll spare you all the details { email me if you want them }, but suffice it to say that Davey at All Dogs Unleashed is a magician. We had planned to do three in-home lessons, { read more… }

slow your scroll.

Prior to hitting the road last week, Brad told everyone we were joining the ranks of the aged because we rented an RV for vacation. According to him, “Only old people have RVs.” Over 1200 miles later, he thinks different. If you ask him what he thinks about it now, he likely tell you if was one of the most fun trips we’ve had. I couldn’t agree more. It wasn’t the sunny days and crisp cool nights, even if { read more… }

the secret to the easy life.

  Get ready for what may be the shortest story in GloryStory history. { Y’all know I can’t say anything in less than 500 words usually. } Want the secret to the easy life? I can tell you because I know it, although I confess it has taken me almost 50 years to figure it out. I don’t want you to have to ride the struggle bus as long as I did, so I’m just { read more… }