497 to 83: true love wins.

  Warning. This is not your typical Valentines story. And it’s with good reason. Because seriously, does the typical Valentines story ever really happen? Now, don’t panic. I’m not at all cynical about love. I believe true love exists, and it’s beautiful. I just don’t think it looks like the charming, witty, perfect couple in the movies or the romance novel, and it’s surely not as sappy the Hallmark cards make it out to be. Here’s { read more… }

love at first lick.

     Don’t be disappointed. This story is not about ice cream, but some of y’all might remember this picture. These are the female puppies from the litter my doodle Lula was born in. I got first pick of the litter, and I had y’all vote before I went to pick her up. #4 was the one I originally had my eye on, and #4 was the clear favorite when y’all voted. However, Lula was not { read more… }

just one question.

Well, we had #justoneword a few weeks ago, so it seemed like a good idea to have just one question this week. Of course, you already know I had more than a few words to say about #justoneword, so don’t think you’ll get off easy with just one question. You know me better than that. So here goes. How much do you love God? The Bible tells us how much we should love God in several { read more… }

the 7 reminders you need today.

I’m a list maker. I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb with a Post-It note stuck to my forehead and a planner in my right hand. It is my life. It actually turns out to be a good thing because the hot flashes that come at age 50 cause power surges in your brain resulting in the need for daily reminders about everything. I am certain that is why they invented those little SMTWTFS pill { read more… }

birthday teeth.

Y’all, I had my 50th birthday in August. I had a party, and it was the best ever. Well, actually, it was the first ever, too, so that makes it first and best! It had all the things I love: family, friends, balloons, and CUPCAKES! Plus I had precious friends who blessed me with the kindest words, live music(!!), the funniest song (!!!!) and great food… beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. You’re probably wondering why { read more… }