stealing happy.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? To Brad, staying up late means making it all the way through the 10 o’clock news, but he’s often up before 6am. To me, going to bed early means I’m in bed before midnight, but if I had my choice my day wouldn’t really get started until about 10am. Even though I’m a night owl, I still wake up happy regardless of the number of hours { read more… }

one picture. one life-changing story.

I was given an amazing gift last Christmas. I’ve wanted to tell you about it for some time, but I’ve waited. Some stories just take more time. The gift is a framed photograph of three absolutely beautiful little girls. They are my adopted granddaughters, and they are in heaven where I can’t wait to meet them one day. They lost their lives in a tragic fire, and I met their momma in prison in 2012. { read more… }

willing to put on your angel wings?

{ Side note: I cleaned off my desk yesterday. I had a big stack of birthday cards I’d received a few weeks ago, and I read each one of them again. It didn’t take but a second for the tears to begin falling and for my heart to be overwhelmed with God’s goodness through the blessing of amazing friends… tangible proof of His love and care for us. I lifted a tearful prayer of thanksgiving for each { read more… }

what are the beautiful people up to?

So there was no GloryStory last week. You noticed… and I’m grateful. I could make a lot of excuses for why I didn’t write. The unending rain certainly dampened my spirits { no pun intended }, but there is actually a far more truthful reason and sometimes it’s best to just come clean. I read and follow many bloggers and Instagrammers. Their blogs are super cute. Their writing is witty and relevant. And the pictures… { read more… }

i’ve got a flat tire on my unicycle.

Don’t you hate when someone’s words crawl inside your brain and camp out there? Like you can’t even remember your name because you are too busy replaying what he/she said. Yes that. That is exactly how I got a flat on my unicycle. Well, maybe that’s not how I got it, but that’s how I knew I had it. Let me explain. I have a brilliant friend who wrote a brilliant book several years ago. { read more… }

You’ll Never Believe Who I Saw in the Dominican.

Take a close look at these pictures. You’ll have to look closely. Do you see Him? Since you’re just looking at pictures, He might be a little more difficult to identify, but it wasn’t hard at all for me to see Jesus in each one of these people when I met them face-to-face in the Dominican. They are the staff at the Eduardo Brito and Villa Esfuerzo Family Hope Centers located in some of the poorest { read more… }