shallow salvation.

Quick. Please go look in your medicine cabinet and reassure me that I am not alone. You can do that if you can answer yes to any of these questions: Are there more boxes of expired OTC meds than those still in date? Did you find multiple hair products whose containers are clearly old yet the contents are mostly full? Seriously, y’all. Last week I awoke to find some “used” Halls cough drops, along with their shredded { read more… }

“it’s me, Daddy.”

{ Today’s GloryStory is guest authored by T, a young mom in prison. } My son was non-verbal for the first years of his life. Communication was desirable for all of us, yet he would not make eye contact with me or anyone. He was always so tense, crying, and most often screaming. I would run around frantically and in tears myself, trying to figure out what he needed or wanted. At night I would lie { read more… }


Have I told y’all that I’m about to be a Tula? Oh, right. I have. If you’ll stand still for two seconds, I’ll tell you two more times. That’s what having a grandbaby boy will do for you. But that’s not all. It’ll also make you think and reflect until your head might explode. Is it possible that my baby is about to be a daddy? How did he grow up so fast? Oh, sweet mercy! He never babysat { read more… }

who killed the church?

It was a trial like none other. The coffin of the deceased church was front and center of the courtroom. One by one, the prosecuting attorney called the witnesses to the stand: the pastor, choir director, chairman of the deacons, missions coordinator, head of Christian education, even the average member. Under grueling questioning, coupled with some hysterical courtroom outbursts, the jury had zero difficulty reaching a unanimous verdict: Guilty. Every single one of them. Who Killed the { read more… }

stealing happy.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? To Brad, staying up late means making it all the way through the 10 o’clock news, but he’s often up before 6am. To me, going to bed early means I’m in bed before midnight, but if I had my choice my day wouldn’t really get started until about 10am. Even though I’m a night owl, I still wake up happy regardless of the number of hours { read more… }

one picture. one life-changing story.

I was given an amazing gift last Christmas. I’ve wanted to tell you about it for some time, but I’ve waited. Some stories just take more time. The gift is a framed photograph of three absolutely beautiful little girls. They are my adopted granddaughters, and they are in heaven where I can’t wait to meet them one day. They lost their lives in a tragic fire, and I met their momma in prison in 2012. { read more… }