worth fighting for.

I know when I write this I’m opening myself up for criticism, but please do not feel compelled to write and tell me how awful we are. We let Lula, our golden doodle, eat people food. There I said it, and I owned it. I know, I know. It’s a terrible thing to do, but she’s just so stinking cute that I can’t help it. Even Brad, who was the strict disciplinarian in our home, can’t usually { read more… }

one word to change your life.

Want to change your life? You can with just one word. Because a single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can a catalyst for changing and enriching your life. For the past nine years, I have had a word for the year. Just one word. I don’t exactly remember how or why I started doing this, but in 2008, I did. The word for 2008 { read more… }

twas the night before Christmas.

  Twas the night before Christmas And in my heart stirred Some thoughts I wanted to share And I’ll try to put to words. Christmas seems so different As our boys are all full grown. They’re celebrating Christmas With families of their own. The trappings have diminished. The pile of presents is quite small. No one will wake us early. Instead they’ll text or call. It’s not Pinterest perfect But neither was a manger a bed { read more… }


                          That’s what I have told every single person who has asked. He is perfect. And it’s the truth. Just see for yourself. Conway Lee Kendrick made his debut on December 4, which was the exact day his daddy and Uncle Cam said he would arrive. I was sure to remind his daddy that everything else about this precious bundle of joy would likely not be { read more… }

unlikely messengers.

The day will be forever etched in my memory and in the deep and hidden places of my heart. It was November 29, 2015. A year ago yesterday. I’d been at prison for several hours when I got the call to the warden’s office. This is never a good thing. The news had come, and it was going to hit even harder. A mother’s teenage son had been killed in a gang fight. But not { read more… }

lula and post-truth

Can I just tell you that having a puppy is not for the faint of heart? Seriously. She might be about to wear me out. We had potty-training pretty much mastered… until we had to block the back door for the renovation work going on in the kitchen. Now she’s dazed and confused, and so we’ve had a few tinkle accidents. Thank goodness for rock floors! Anyway, Saturday night might have been the funniest yet, { read more… }