unlikely messengers.

The day will be forever etched in my memory and in the deep and hidden places of my heart. It was November 29, 2015. A year ago yesterday. I’d been at prison for several hours when I got the call to the warden’s office. This is never a good thing. The news had come, and it was going to hit even harder. A mother’s teenage son had been killed in a gang fight. But not { read more… }

lula and post-truth

Can I just tell you that having a puppy is not for the faint of heart? Seriously. She might be about to wear me out. We had potty-training pretty much mastered… until we had to block the back door for the renovation work going on in the kitchen. Now she’s dazed and confused, and so we’ve had a few tinkle accidents. Thank goodness for rock floors! Anyway, Saturday night might have been the funniest yet, { read more… }

the morning after.

My brain is just wired weird. I’m convinced of that. Whenever I am deep in thought about something, I pull an Alice. “Oh, my. What a peculiar place to have a party!” And down the hole I go. My thoughts take me on a roller coaster of what ifs and oh mys. And before long, although I’m certain I’m not chasing a white rabbit, I really have no clue what my original thought was that took { read more… }

she is mine. she is ours.

Sorry I’m a day late with GloryStory. I had mouse troubles yesterday. Not the four-legged furry kind, but the tech kind, which I find far more irritating. I’m fully functioning again… well, my computer is! And who knows? It might have been divine intervention that kept me from writing yesterday morning, because last night needed to happen first. That’s what I really needed to write about. So here goes. I’ve been going to prison for { read more… }

contributing or contaminating?

You may have not noticed or cared, but I didn’t write last week. When I skip a week, it’s usually because of one of two reasons: I didn’t have anything to say or what I had to say is better left unsaid. Hillary’s emails, Donald’s tape, the presidential debates, and the ensuing social media aftermath left me feeling a little of both, so I chose to pray first and write later. While I don’t have { read more… }

shallow salvation.

Quick. Please go look in your medicine cabinet and reassure me that I am not alone. You can do that if you can answer yes to any of these questions: Are there more boxes of expired OTC meds than those still in date? Did you find multiple hair products whose containers are clearly old yet the contents are mostly full? Seriously, y’all. Last week I awoke to find some “used” Halls cough drops, along with their shredded { read more… }