what are the beautiful people up to?

So there was no GloryStory last week. You noticed… and I’m grateful. I could make a lot of excuses for why I didn’t write. The unending rain certainly dampened my spirits { no pun intended }, but there is actually a far more truthful reason and sometimes it’s best to just come clean. I read and follow many bloggers and Instagrammers. Their blogs are super cute. Their writing is witty and relevant. And the pictures… { read more… }

i’ve got a flat tire on my unicycle.

Don’t you hate when someone’s words crawl inside your brain and camp out there? Like you can’t even remember your name because you are too busy replaying what he/she said. Yes that. That is exactly how I got a flat on my unicycle. Well, maybe that’s not how I got it, but that’s how I knew I had it. Let me explain. I have a brilliant friend who wrote a brilliant book several years ago. { read more… }

You’ll Never Believe Who I Saw in the Dominican.

Take a close look at these pictures. You’ll have to look closely. Do you see Him? Since you’re just looking at pictures, He might be a little more difficult to identify, but it wasn’t hard at all for me to see Jesus in each one of these people when I met them face-to-face in the Dominican. They are the staff at the Eduardo Brito and Villa Esfuerzo Family Hope Centers located in some of the poorest { read more… }

God Math

Hello from Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Domincan Republic. I’m here on a mission trip, and I’m learning math. Oh, not the math that was taught in school, but God math. I realize that for many of you, it seems impossible those two words could be used together, but they add up perfectly here where the average Dominican lives on $65 a month, and because I can do Quick Math, less than $1,000 a { read more… }

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do. 

Much ink has already been spilled in the aftermath of the recent tragedies in our nation. And sadly, too much of it has actually been spewed instead of just spilled. We are quick to take our limited information and mix it with our dangerous assumptions and our blatant lack of actual knowledge, and the three combine to form a volatile and deadly cocktail we try to pour down the mouths of others through Facebook or { read more… }

Menopause & A Girl Named M.

I’ve lived in Texas since the summer I turned eight. That would be 41 summers best I can count. And yes, with some quick math you can figure out that I either just turned 49 or am about to turn 49. I’ll save you some creeping on Facebook. It’s the latter. Despite the fact that I’ve got 41 summers under my belt… and despite the fact that it is only July 5… I have said { read more… }